Lukas Nelson Rocks Whale Day

Posted on February 20, 2012


Maui was rocking this past weekend (2/17-20) with several great concerts including the World Whale Day show and the Hawaii Unite Concert featuring Third World and the Mana Maoli Collective. Both shows featured some of the best Maui-grown artists sharing the same stage.

Whale Day 2011 featured a strong line-up this year including John Cruz, Anuhea, Willie K, Marty Dread and Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real, for which I broke out the good camera. So here are some shots from my weekend in Paradise.

As they say in those old postcards: “Wish you were here.”

Whale Day welcomes Lukas Nelson.

I love the photo above because it reminds me of the classic Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson flipping the bird shots.
Lukas is known for his insane talent when it comes to the guitar. He’s full of tricks that always get the crowd going.
The question when Lukas takes the stage for those who have never seen him before is always: Is he like his dad? Well it is generally accepted that his voice is obviously from the same DNA but his style of music is very different.
Lukas and his band, Promise of the Real, rock very hard. There is a definite Southern flavor in some of the songs, but one would be hard-pressed to call him a country artist.
However, I noticed something after photographing Willie and Lukas both for a couple of years. Willie famously raises his hand with a pointed finger and lo-and-behold, Lukas does too. It is an almost identical stance; I’m certain it isn’t conscious. It was so natural when I saw Lukas do it on Saturday. I’m jazzed I got the shot.
 Lukas and his band had the crowd rocking and I kept shooting. Thanks for stopping by.
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