Distracted by Willie’s Haircut

Posted on May 24, 2010


Willie Nelson’s Haircut Takes My Mind Off The Music

As I prepared for my next Rhythm & Views blog, I began thinking about all of the things happening this past weekend on Maui. Slightly Stoopid was in Lahaina — and on my plane flight back from California. Jim Gaffigan was at the MACC — and on some plane flight from the Mainland to Maui. And The Reflectacles were going to play two shows — Friday night at Stella Blues and Saturday night at Charley’s — apparently flying in all the way from sunny Los Angeles.

I managed to make it to the MACC and Charley’s, hoping that a great blog idea would find its way into my brain before Sunday arrived.

I saw a good comedy show and several great bands between May 21-23; but the one thing that will always make the weekend stand out in my mind had nothing to do with comedy or a rock concert.

For me, the weekend — specifically, Saturday night at Charley’s — will always be memorable because it was the day I first saw Willie Nelson without his long braids.

Yes, Willie cut his hair. I thought of describing it like McDonald’s without the Golden Arches, Snoop Dogg not stoned or Courtney Love with a good attitude — but none of those capture the wallop upside my head when I spotted Willie without his long locks.

Maybe Bret Michaels without his bandanna would meet my needs.

As my mind processed the reality — it’s just hair, Zan — I think back on the music. There was some good stuff going down Saturday night in Maui’s little North Shore hippie town.

The evening opened with the Sugarcane String Band whose mix of bluegrass, country, rock, island and blues had people dancing and singing along as if they were listened to their favorite classic rock act.

Next up was Folk Uke, a duo that has not forgotten the importance of humor in music. The one song people kept telling me about, “S*#t Makes The Flowers Grow,” did not disappoint. With lyrics that explore the life-purpose of less-than-desirable people in our lives — Cathy Guthrie and Amy Nelson’s music has helped them carve out a niche of their own while growing up in the shadow of two very famous musician fathers, Arlo Guthrie and Willie Nelson.

You can read about The Reflectacles in my Rhythm & Views blog on Maui No Ka Oi Magazine’s website. They were pretty great on their own, and rocked when Willie joined them for a set.

By the way, Willie wails on the electric guitar. Having only seen him play his acoustic “Trigger,” I was delighted to see that Nelson can break out the rock chops on demand.

What a rock star, braids or no braids! His kids and their friends aren’t to shabby either.

You can find more information on The Reflectacles, Folk Uke and Sugarcane String Band on their respective MySpace. Facebook and web pages.

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