The Throwdowns Opening For Sammy Hagar?

Posted on March 11, 2010


Rumor has it that The Throwdowns will be the opening act at Sammy Hagar‘s April 9 show at the Castle Theater in Maui. The band recently dropped a less-than-subtle hint on its Twitter page; the post, dated March 5, read: “sneak peek at the posters for Sammy Hagar. So sic! Heard a rumor that the opening band is pretty smart. And funny. And rhymes with slowdowns.”

The Throwdowns' Erin Smith chats with Sebrina Barron backstage at BarryFest. Photo by Joyce Chin

Today (3/9), another post flowed from Twitter land that apparently was a response to a question that was posted by @eggfooyoung. “Yes, we are blessed with stage warm up duties for Mr. Hagar,” the band tweeted.

The Throwdowns’ official website does not list a show with Hagar and the Wabos. However, the band’s MySpace page kind of confirms the rumor, if there was much doubt left at this point. According to the MySpace page, the The Throwdowns are scheduled to play “MACC Castle Theatre With Sammy Hagar! TBA.” TBA? Does that mean tentative or not officially announced? Probably the latter.

If it falls through, the band’s fans can catch Erin Smith, Kimo Clark, Ola Shaw and Ian Hollingsworth April 10 opening for 311 and Iration at Lahaina Civic Center. The band recently wrapped up a support slot on Matisyahu’s Hawaiian tour which included a February 28 show at the Lahaina venue.

Off island, the band is throwing a “National CD” release party April 30 at The Pipeline Cafe in Honolulu. The band’s debut album, “Don’t Slow Down,” originally was released in August 2009 but is gaining well-deserved national exposure with a re-release edition courtesy of a distribution deal with ADA/Warner.

In addition to Matisyahu, The Throwdowns have opened for The Fray, Panic at the Disco, Bad Brains and The English Beat.

So let’s shoot an email to Erin and see if she’ll confirm the Sammy Hagar gig. As if there’s much doubt.

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